What You Need To Know As Down Comforter User

The lightest best insulator known to man is down.  Down has been intended by the  nature to assist maintain most favorable center body temperature by transferring heat away from the body when the air outside the down layer is hot, and by holding in heat when the air outside is cold.

Fill power of at least 600 contains the finest quality and best  down comforters. Through a high thread count and 100% cotton cover there will be baffle wall construction. Lightweight and year round warmth there providing by the down comforter. However as a Down comforter user you should know the followings:

Down comforter

Fill Power 
Fill power is the measurement of the quality of the down. The feathery the comforter the higher the fill power. The advantages are that less down is needed to fill the comforter, resulting in lightweight year round warmth. Search for down comforters with a fills power of at least 550. So luxurious quality down comforters will contain a fills power of at least 600. 

Baffle Wall Construction- Baffle wall construction ensures the finest quality Down Comforters. Baffling or baffle wall refers to sewn in cloth walls which assist keep the down from shifting and prevent cold spots. 

Hypo Allergenic- Down that has completed a series of steps to remove all the impurities, dirt and dander, treated as hypoallergenic or allergy free. Most people are not allergenic to down in spite of the impurities within the down. Not all Down Comforters are hypoallergenic. 

Thread Count- Per square inch of fabric means the number of threads. The finest quality down Comforters will contain a 100% cotton cover with a thread count of at least 200. The more durable and softer the cover the higher the thread counts. The higher thread count covers protect down from impurities as well as keep the down inside the comforter. 

100% Cotton Covers- Generally a cotton cover will be adequately breathable, lending to the insulation and fluffiness of the comforter. 
Your new Comforter Gently shakes to air it out and re fluff the Down.
Make use of a Duvet Cover to remain your Comforter cleaner, longer.
Machine-wash and dry on gentle settings, or professionally dry clean for finest results.
Store your Down Comforter in a breathable bag, avoiding plastic which will trap moisture & mildew. 

The necessities to redistribute the fill in your Down Comforter are a natural occurrence not a fault. 

Simply redistribute the Down by shaking it toward the area where you want it, or by laying the comforter on a flat surface and pushing the Down to that area. 


Down is the lightest, most effective insulator familiar to man. Down clusters are made up of light, feathery filaments that enlarge and intertwine to form air pockets. Down is a natural product that controls warmth and let you to maintain your natural body temperature. Down remain you temperate in the winter and cool in the summer for year round comfort.